Building a Robust Talent Pipeline

Biotech business is BIG business, and with that comes a growing need for companies to seek, hire and secure qualified candidates in ever-increasing niche and highly skilled positions.

It’s a continuous challenge for the industry.

In a recent study conducted by MassBioEd in 2021, the Life Sciences Employment Outlook report indicated roughly 100,000 professionals would be required over the next several years.

So how can the life sciences industry begin to develop a sustainable pool of talent and inspire the next generation of scientific minds to enter a career within this growing sector?

Higher-level thinking and creative solutions are required to develop outreach opportunities connecting education institutions and employers. A broader mindset is needed to access future talent.

From start-ups to global organizations in the market vying for the same talent – it’s time to look beyond colleges such as Harvard and MIT and tap into some serious talent coming from further afield to access the brightest life science minds.

By creating collective outreach programs that promote the industry to individuals who may not have either considered a career within the industry or know how to access opportunities – the time is now for both industry and education to work together to support the talent pipeline.

In light of the global pandemic, we all know the demand for remote roles isn’t slowing down. The life sciences industry has also transformed and born new and emerging functions that allow people to work remotely – an exciting opportunity for the industry to tap into critical skills across the country.

Building networks from the ground up is an organic process – but from a strategy perspective, when it comes to developing talent pipelines – the industry can and will benefit to ensure greater access to skilled candidates allowing them to secure their stronghold in the marketplace.