About us.

We're experts at optimizing life science companies so they can grow and scale in the marketplace

- we do this by equipping them with a powerhouse of talent - ready to amplify their mission, purpose and vision. 

Connecting Industry.

Biotal focuses exclusively on the life sciences sector,

allowing us to bring unparalleled expertise to the recruitment process.

Whether you're a candidate seeking the perfect role or a company needing a communication expert,

our deep understanding of the industry ensures a tailored and successful match.


We've successfully placed communications professionals in key positions across diverse life sciences

organizations, from innovative startups to established industry leaders. 


Life Science Staffing Specialists

Our Life Science staffing specialists bring in-depth expertise and knowledge to facilitate all staffing projects.

Our team understands the unique intricacies of the life sciences marketplace and the highly specialized talent needed to equip and support project delivery, to fully support the industry.

The team at Biotal prides itself on attracting, developing, and representing the best talent in the market, offering effective short- and long-term talent solutions.

Biotal is highly regarded in the marketplace for a transparent, focused, and driven approach to talent solutions. This is no more evident than in our clients’ success and the high caliber of candidates who choose to be represented by Biotal.