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Consultant Insight Article – Gabby Johnson

Life sciences executives believe there is untapped potential for advanced operating models to address the most complex strategic enterprise challenges – and commercial operations will be the big-ticket opportunity to drive forward an industry that is growing exponentially.

Barriers to industry growth, however, remain, and to address those challenges, Biotal’s Gabrielle Johnson shares three key considerations that address the growing need for commercial operations talent within the industry.

What market barriers now face this industry, even in such unprecedented growth, that could prevent this innovation revolution?

Improving processes

With the rising costs and increasing complexities of bringing products to market, life sciences organizations are shifting gear at lightning speed to re-examine their business operations and technology adoption to stay competitive and remain robust to ever-changing demand.

To improve overall efficiency and productivity – companies must assess and re-invest in their current processes.

Ensuring they have the highly attuned systems that will afford them the flexibility required to remain agile also requires skilled professionals who can bring about the necessary change to legacy systems and models to increase overall production potential profitability.

Operational excellence is time-critical.

From development to market-ready – products must be available for commercialization in lean timescales to maintain market competitiveness.

The life sciences industry can quickly capitalize on market opportunities by investing in commercial functions and implementing operational excellence.


Consistent global or statewide regulation of products would help to support the sale of many products within the life sciences space. It’s a highly complex regulatory landscape, but with considered operational planning and implementation, it’s possible through streamlined regulation processes to create enhanced efficiencies and broader opportunities for companies to capitalize at every stage of their product lifecycle by addressing compliance barriers.

As companies across life sciences begin to carve out, build and invest in their commercial capabilities in line with market demand, the need for skilled, quality commercial operations professionals has never been greater.

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