Diversity, Equity and

We want to make Biotal one of the most diverse, equitable and inclusive employers in the world, and we will use our D&I initiative to support healthcare and life science talent from under-represented communities.

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Access, education, and empowerment will be at the forefront of Biotal’s diversity and inclusion initiative.

We see the strength that comes from a connected and united society - one that celebrates diversity, uniqueness, and supports minority groups under-represented in the field of healthcare.

Our D&I initiative reflects the determination of Biotal’s to be the pioneers of positive transformation in the healthcare marketplace.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce here at Biotal and for the communities we serve, is a strategic business priority that cultivates a sense of belonging - for everyone.

Through the power of communication, we will create positive change, maximizing connection and supporting under-represented individuals so they can thrive.

We want to build a greater understanding of the individuals and groups we are working with and our initiative will focus on three strategic areas.

The cornerstones of the diversity and
inclusion campaign are as follows:



Fair and open access to career opportunities – creating and encouraging inclusive and collaborative teams.



We will be the ambassadors of D&I, through knowledge transfer, shared experiences, and storytelling – we will seek out opportunities to share our united voice.



Create and build an inclusive environment by engaging and influencing communities to understand the positive impact of D&I best practice.

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